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The Final 20 of My 20s: The Final Day


Sing it, Blue Eyes…. ’cause I’m still having a slight struggle here.

THIRTY?! Seriously?! THIRTY?!

OK. I’ll save the freak out session for later behind closed doors or somewhere random in public before (or after) the clock strikes midnight.



So the final day is here and I haven’t partied it up every minute or ‘finished strong’ as some have suggested. I went to work early and finished out strong; the sense of accomplishment after a long week is so gratifying.

Now I’m getting ready for a simple dinner at a local’s favorite in Pompano Beach. I even listened to some country music on the way home. Is this a sign that my time has come?

Ha! Just kidding.

Don’t worry, it’s still early, and there is always tomorrow!

It Can’t Be That Bad

At the end of this decade someone is going to have to remind me about this freak out session I’ve been having for the past month. Perhaps I could avoid this entire ordeal and realize it’s not going to be so bad.

How could it be that bad? Look at all the amazing things I’ve done and experience in life thus far… and it’s only getting better. Every day I have taken the time to examine some aspect of my life and it never fails that I always walk away feeling even just a smidgen better than I did before.

My mom admitted that 30 never bothered her. It didn’t bother my aunt or her friends either, they said. But turning 50 and 60 was the hardest turning points for them.

NOTE: I’m wondering if they really truly even remember the big 3-0, but let’s just put that as a side note to see if they are reading….Ha! Love ya!
 “Your 30s Will Be A Dream”

…At least that’s what my dear friend, Suzanne said. “You will look back fondly on your 30s one day,” as she prepared me for the final hours of the day.

Yea, well that’s really easy for everyone to tell me…. when you are already there and beyond! Of course you are going to look at it this way.

“Believe me, you’re going to be fine” she insists.

Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Over the past month as the date has drawn near, many people close to my life have been offering me some sound advice on how to accept, live through, and conquer my thirties. Honestly, there have only been two people out of the many to have anything real negative to say about turning thirty so the odds are in my favor.

I think it’s safe to say I have some pretty cool people in my life – both young and old – that can offer some great thoughts and meaning to this dirty thirty.

So just in case someone in your life is telling you how miserable thirty will be, here is what the smart people are saying:

~  Your thirties are where it all happens or doesn’t! Make the most of it! This is your future and you get to create it your way. @mamasmission

~  Age is only a number. Keep that wonderful spirit that makes you who you are, and you will be forever young

~  30 is the new 25 or something… also, 40 is the new 25. 25 is the new 25. @teedubya

~  Take care of your body… it doesn’t bounce back as easily.

~  The decisions, choices, chances and relationships you make in the 30s will determine the course of your life. But here’s the thing: don’t worry about mistakes. You can recover from almost anything. It just might take a little more work in the 40s.

~  It may be hard to believe, but your thirties will be better than your 20s!

~  You finally begin to feel like an adult.

~  If you get an opportunity to do something that you have never done, do it and never, never stop having fun. That opportunity may never come again.

~  The only thing absolute in life is change; learn to accept it.

~  Your future is just around the corner. Start saving for your retirement but have a slush fund for those spontaneous opportunities.

~  It’s what you make of them. The number itself changes nothing.

~  You set goals you check to see how far along you have come and realize that life is more than each passing year but more importantly each passing moment. Embrace thirty and continue to set goals; but live on your terms – not by what society says you should or should not do at a particular age. @craigskill

~  You just give less and less ______s, literally. And by that, I mean you care less about stupid petty things in life and what people think of you and focus on what really matters.

~  You stress more about turning 30 than you do 40.

And finally:

You saw the Sox win the World Series three times in your twenties, and were even there to witness the third! Think repeat in your thirties will ya please?!?  -Dave Henry

2013 World Series Championship – Love that dirty water!
 Final Thoughts

I’d have to say that the advice I’ve shared seems to make so much sense in so many ways. It doesn’t seem like it’s really going to be all that bad of a thing. Thank you for sharing, my friends. (I will hold  you all accountable if none of this actually happens, by the way.)

Thanks for reading along and joining me on this journey down the final stretch. What was originally just an idea on a fun blog series became an incredible self examination and reflection.

Stay FABULOUS now and forever.
I was born FABULOUS and forever will be.

After all these days and all these blogs, I have one final proclamation for this series:

I am proud of the person that has evolved in the past ten years, both professionally and personally. There have been some very trying times during these years, but most of those memories are stifled by the overwhelming joy that was ever present.

I have no regrets. I have nothing but a smile when I think of the mark I have left on the world during these years – and even more how the world has left its mark on me!

I conquered my twenties like a champ – no doubt about that. But I am ready to dominate this next decade!

Bring it on, thirty! TifDiP is ready for you!



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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
CLCMR logo_2
www.CountyLineChiro.comFollow @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Days 2 & 3


Wow…..Just Wow.

The final countdown has begun and I won’t lie – it’s terrifying.

I’m not one who gets frightened or spooked easily, but this dirty thirty prank has been just about all I can take. It’s pretty intense and I’m glad I will never see it again!

Do you remember the first time you were truly terrified by something?

Who did you run to? Who is your protection? Who is your support and your foundation?

Mine is my family.

The DiPanni Family
Family Fun

Whomever originally compared a family to fudge was spot on the money: mostly sweet but still a few nuts thrown in there.

I’m sure that if some members of my family were to write this article, I may be included as one of those nuts!

But just remember – you wouldn’t have years and years of some of the most amazing stories and memories  without those nuts like us!

So, you’re welcome!

ice cream
Definitely a few nuts in there….
“I Will Love You – Unconditionally” ~Katy Perry

Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I am not so sure there is anything such as a “typical” family; there are so many variations of the word.

While my biological family gathers for some holidays together home in Rhode Island, I am spending these special days with the family I have created in Florida. Many of us have come together during special occasions to spend with each other as we have known growing up with our own families. We share traditions, memories and the best part – recipes!

Whatever your family make up may be, there is always one common thread we all share: the security of unconditional love and support.

download (5)
College graduation w/ my mother, Granny, and aunt
 I Get It From My Mama

When it comes to blood relatives, there are many of them on both mom and dad’s sides. However, I’ve always been closest to my immediate family.

I grew up in the same neighborhood in which my mother’s mother, sister and brother all lived. We were very close growing up. I’d spend weekends at my uncle’s pool or on the boat; I’d walk to my Granny’s to play a good game of rummy and maybe if I was lucky I’d win a buck or two.

Even my aunt and uncle’s families settled and raised their children close by, and now their families are mostly still in the same area. It’s just how we are in lil’ Rhody.

My Uncle Goody and his brat

I spent most of my time with my Granny and Aunt Jane both in Rhode Island and at their homes in Singer Island, Florida. Christmas, February and April spring breaks were all spent with palm trees and pools.

The women from my mother’s side of the family define support and strength. They have always been there for each other and the bond between my mother and aunt is priceless.

My Granny was the third musketeer of that group and without the support of each other, her passing could have been detrimental to us all. Instead, we came together for love and remembrance of the woman who taught us all so much.

Gran, Auntie Jane and my lil cousin Samantha (another nut!)
Daddy’s Girl

Anyone who knows me well can attest that no matter who comes into my life, there will always be one man that is irreplaceable; the man I compare every other man to: my Dad.

Dad had three daughters in his previous marriage before my mother, but I was the one and only of their marriage, and for my mother.

When I was born, my sisters were twenty three, twenty and thirteen – quite the age difference which made for roller coaster relationships growing up.

My sister – Lesley, Carolyn & Lori

I was always very close with my youngest sister, but have had to work on the relationships with the elders. Fortunately, over the years, these relationships have become incredibly strong and meaningful.

My sisters raised their families in Rhode Island and Connecticut, and my first niece was born when I was only nine years old. Boy, was I the coolest kid in 3rd grade, or what?

I am proud to say I have five nieces and one nephew from the ages of fifteen to twenty one – I can’t believe it! I am very proud of all them in their own unique way. My ballerina, my horse rider, my minister, my fashionista, my runner and my not-so-little-anymore man.

Back when they were oh-so-cute!

My dad had two sisters, one whom died prior to my birth and the other lived in the same building as my Nona when I was growing up. It was a double whammy when I got dropped off at Olneyville Towers in downtown Providence for the day – food, fun, crafts, plants, and more food. That’s just how it was.

My Nona came to the USA from Italy when she was a young teenager and unfortunately lived in poverty most of her life. She and my Papa Louis made a life for my Dad and his sisters by working in factories and mills every day of their lives.

My father was able to overcome those shadows and raise his daughters in a good home with food on our tables every night, shoes on our feet and a proper education. The love my father has for his family is stronger than anything in this world. He lives and breathes for the good of his family.


Lean On Me

God has truly blessed me with the family He has given me and the love which they provide. I honestly can’t imagine anything different, and don’t know where I would be without them.

No matter how far we are apart or how long it has been since we last spoke, I know that I can pick up a phone and someone from my family will be on the other side to listen.

I hope that my family sees me as someone they can depend and lean on.

Every family has its faults; every family has its flaws. But every family has the capacity to embrace each other with an overwhelming power of respect and appreciation.

If I start my own family one day, I hope that I am able to be as strong of an influence as my own family has been to me; I hope I will set a good example through not only my words but my actions.

I am very protective of those in my family, and I will always strive to be better for those I love and appreciate. They are the driving force behind my success and motivation to achieve and do good things in this world.


I am NOTHING without my family, as it is  EVERYTHING to me.





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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
CLCMR logo_2
www.CountyLineChiro.comFollow @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Days 4 & 5


“Home Is The Nicest Word There Is.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder could not have been more correct with this statement. There is something so warm and ‘nice’ about the word that brings a feeling of peace and serenity.

I am blessed and fortunate to have these types of emotions and memories when I think of my home. My heart goes out to those who do not. I hope that sharing my experiences will help others to create their own.

Everyone moves their homes for different reasons. Sometimes it’s for work relocation, family priorities, a change of pace, or expanding. Some want to downsize, and some may need something bigger. Whatever the reason may be, it happens.


My first home in Pawtucket, Rhode Island: 1984-2002

The City And The Beach

During the school year, from September through June, my family lived in Pawtucket, Rhode Island - home of the Pawtucket Paw Sox – the minor league Triple-A affiliate to the World Champion Boston Red Sox!

From the City House, I have the usual fun child memories of riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing in the backyard, and being able to walk to my aunt and Gran’s houses within two minutes.

My v
Every yard needs a swingset

We celebrated many holidays at our City House that always brings a smile when I reflect on those memories. I woke up in the same bed in the same room for 18 years. I came down the same long set of stairs for every prom, social, and other event. I was very much attached to this house, and rightfully so.

Yummy memories growing up
Yummy memories growing up

We referred to it as “The City” house because we spent our summers and most warmer weekends of fall and spring at our beach house in Narragansett, Rhode Island. I am convinced that this little town is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We even have our own beer…. which is pretty darn good!

We called it the Beach House because it was just that – a small cottage style house just a few minutes from the beach.  One of my favorite memories from summers spent there is the giant birthday party we held every July for my Nona, my sister Lesley and myself (July 20, 6 & 12 birthday gals).

 “Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.” ―Robin Hobb, Fool’s Fate

My sister and my family

Celebrating our birthdays with my sister
Celebrating our birthdays with my sister
Change Not So Welcomed

My parents decided that when I left for college, they would start their journey to move permanently to Narragansett. They sold the City House, the Beach House AND my Grann’y s house that was just a few doors down from us in Pawtucket in order to build their dream home.

I admit I was quite saddened and upset by this move. It was new and unfamiliar, and at the time, I felt that everyone was planning this great new life in RI without me. What I failed to realize was that I was busy making my own new home in Florida – without them.

No other place like Narragansett

When I came home to RI after my freshmen year of college, my parents were living in my Gran’s house awaiting the finished house; I stayed there with them as well. It was great to be together again after 9 months apart. It made me realize how much my family meant to me and just how much I missed being apart from them.

I would like to say that I wonder if…. but I cant wonder. I know.

I know I would have treated that summer much differently had I known it would be the last time  I would be living with them full-time.

My Granny and Mom at our "new house"
My Granny and Mom at our “new house”
A New Home

Once my parents were settled into Narragansett, my favorite part of coming home to the ‘New House’ was my Granny living there with us.

What was once her 3 bedroom house had been replicated into 2 separate rooms just for her. My Granny was so special to me; we’d spend hours together in her room and she made the transition of ‘going home’ much easier for me. It took a long time for this house to feel like my home.

Our birthday, 2004
Our birthdays, 2004

As years passed, we created new memories and traditions in Narragansett. I came home to spend time during the summer and we always made it a point to have a birthday celebration for my sister Lesley and I.

“Home to me is reality, and all I need something real.” -O.A.R.


Our birthdays, 2009
My Own Home

As of summer 2004, I became a year round Florida resident and it was time to make a new home for myself.

I started my home in Hollywood, Florida while studying at Johnson and Wales University (Go Wildcats!) and had two roomates that also went to school and played on the golf team with me.

For two years, my home was basically a fraternity/bachelor pad that included a beer pong table, golf chipping net and cabinets stocked of ramen noodles amongst its best amenities.

And I loved (almost) every minute of it.

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

I moved out on my own completely once I graduated college into a spacious condo on Hallandale Beach.  I craved the independence  to have my own direction and space, but it was a real fear for me to be alone.

My cat, Spaz, would be the only one waiting for me when I came home every day. There would be no neighbors I had known and seen almost every day for the past three years. No familiarity. But I learned to embrace it, appreciate it, and enjoy it.

House warming parties AKA Stock The Bar parties were always a favorite
House warming parties AKA Stock The Bar parties were always a favorite celebration

My final move was back to Hollywood Beach four years ago where I have been very happily since. It’s interesting just to see how much my home has transitioned over the years in this one location.

“There are few things pure in this world anymore, and home is one of the few.” – O.A.R.

Every move was a new beginning, a new shopping spree for a new (somewhat more matured) taste, and another stair in the climb to achieving success and happiness.

I believe your home speaks greatly as to  who you are.  Location, decoration, style, organization – it’s all a representation of you and how you intend to live.

Your home should be your safe haven, your peace and tranquility. Choose the objects and people that enter your sacred space carefully so not to cause any commotion.

Home in Hollywood Beach
My Home

Is home really where the heart is?

I think so.

I started this blog off with one of my favorite all time songs that has given me chills since the first time I listened to it  - “I Feel Home” by O.A.R.

It’s funny how I will tell my friends in Florida that I am “going home” when I plan a trip to Rhode Island.

But when I get to Rhode Island, most people will ask, “when are you going home?”  yet they are referring to Florida.

However, my parents are the only ones who rarely ever refer to Florida as my home – and I wouldn’t change that for the world.






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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
CLCMR logo_2
www.CountyLineChiro.comFollow @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Day 6

So the final Saturday of my twenties was actually a great day topped off with a wonderful night spent Italian-style.

I was invited out to a wonderful dinner in Sunny Isles Beach at Azzurro Italian Restaurant & Bar. It was my first time at this hidden gem, and what a delight it was.

We sat outside under a tiki-style covered area that was close enough to the beach to hear the ocean. Being the Italiana that I am, and probably one of the biggest snobs when it comes to Italian food. But hey, that’s what happens when you grow up with a Giovanni Luigi as your dad.

However, everything on the menu was extremely enticing and the selections we had were extremely good. I would definitely recommend you visit, and say hi to Luca!

May I suggest the zuppe de pesce – visit there site here
No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

I’ve always enjoyed spending time with this person because he truly fascinates me.

At only 35 years old, he has achieved great things, lived in several countries, studied at the top universities, learned several languages, and has a very diverse skill set. He is just an amazing person all together.

I always find myself asking him many questions when he is describing his experiences because they are always so foreign and strange to lil ol’ naive me. The places he speaks of, the cultures, traditions – I love how much I learn every time.

However, this time, although I was still asking him a lot of questions, there was one question I had for myself when I left.

When have I ever taken a risk? 

How could I resist?
Risky Business

I’m not risking my life by skydiving or hang gliding over a vicious crocodile pit. I’m not going to the Hard Rock Casino tomorrow and throwing my savings down on roulette either.

That’s not a risk. That’s just dumb.

Quitting my job, put everything that can fit in my hot little Camry SE, put the rest of my stuff up on CraigsList and moving to California with no real destination or reason is the kind of risk I’m referring to.

Now don’t you weird peoples go crazy and start sharing this article with my colleagues that this is something lurking in my mind and I’m making moves to leave my job and start a new life…. WRONG.

But what if I did?

From Point A to Point B

I like to think that I’m confident and courageous and would be up for most challenges. But when I hear people talk of their decisions to pick up from everything they’ve known and just move away to start something knew, I feel a pang of jealousy. I never did that. I never took a risk. I didn’t know that feeling.

Yes, I left Rhode Island when I was barely 18 years old and moved to Florida for college, but that’s not a true risk. There is security of a dorm and a meal plan; and as long as I didn’t do something ridiculously stupid (highly possible back then) – I was going to be OK.

I transferred to college in Miami the following year not knowing anyone, but again, I don’t consider that a risk. There was still security in my education, playing golf for the university, and with my network in the golf industry, even my job was secure.

When it was time for Graduate school, I didn’t look anywhere else but Florida because …. Well, now I don’t know why. I probably could’ve told you why 8 years ago, but now I would have to say that I probably just felt very comfortable where I was here in South Florida at the time in my life.

1935166_156696165941_1456937_n South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee 2009

 Maybe It Was?

There was a seamless transition from Graduate school to a job with the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee and then directly into my current position as CMO with County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers. (Visit our website here!)

Was it a risk when I took a job with the Super Bowl Host Committee despite my entire background at that point was golf and I was still determined to be LPGA Commissioner by 35 years old?

(Quick side note to Commissioner Whan, this is still my goal, just FYI.)

Was it a risk when I left the sports industry entirely and entered into an executive position in a new industry in which I had no experience?

Sure, you could say those were risks.

But I’m not so sure that I’m satiated with that.

I’ve still got my eye on the LPGA…
Hats Off To You

I know that I haven’t had the courage to do what many people do throughout their lives like move to new places or travel the world through some exotic occupation.

And I can admit that I was jealous of one of the girls I worked with when she called randomly one Wednesday night about a year ago:

“Tif, we have to go out this weekend. I’m moving to Colorado on Monday. I quit my job, cut my lease and got a storage locker. My best friend lives there so I am going to stay with her for a few weeks and if I like it, I am going to stay and try it out.”  

Now that is something I admire. And guess who is still in Colorado…and loving it!? Was I jealous of her courage, passion and free will? Absolutely.

But that’s not me.

Well, that wasn’t me for the past twelve years at least.

“You can’t fly until you jump.” @TifDiP
 Get To The Point

I have no intentions to actively seek out some crazy new gig or lifestyle just to say that I took a risk.

If it’s going to happen, it will happen.

Maybe my thirties will bring an opportunity to take that risk; and maybe this time I will look back on this blog post in consideration. Ha!

Either way, I know that my eyes and my mind have been opened by the people I have met who have taken extraordinary risks and walked into the unknown without a doubt.

I admire these people and they inspire me to be confident in the path that is chosen for me – which hopefully is the one I ultimately follow.



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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
CLCMR logo_2
www.CountyLineChiro.comFollow @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Days 7 – 10


One week.

Seven days.

One hundred sixty eight hours.

Ten thousand eighty minutes.

Six hundred four thousand eight hundred seconds.

Tick. Tock….Not.

My time in my twenties is vanishing fast and time is limited.

But what is not limited is my time to live a wonderful life without any attachments, baggage, or restrictions; and I have the time to enjoy precious moments and memories with friends and family.

I read an article a few days ago that really disturbed me and hasn’t left my mind since – thus my lack of blogging.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how I can appropriately and clearly dismiss the depressing thoughts Derek Clemens-Linder’s blog post presented.

If you’d like a preface to my blog, you can click the title below – self-explanatory as to where I’m headed with this.

“It’s Summer And If You’re Not Hopelessly In Love, You Might As Well Be Dead” 


Clemens-Linder morbidly compares someone who is single during summer to “a tightly sealed jar of pulverized ash and bone.”

The author also notes that “summer is for lovers” to “wake up every morning excited for a new adventure with their true love and best friend,” and if that’s not you, “you should probably be rotting six feet under the ground.”

He even goes so far to make humor of a very sensitive subject by  questioning if you’d “much rather just cease to exist in one quick, brutal instant” than be single. 

Wow. I think someone needs a hug.

 Hopelessly In Love? No Thanks.

So what does it really mean to be ‘hopelessly in love’ anyway? defines being ‘hopeless’ as ‘providing no hope; beyond optimism or hope; desperate.’ defines ‘love’ as ‘a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.’

Now when I try to put these two together to be ‘hopelessly in love,’ I’m coming to the conclusion that it really doesn’t sound that great.

Why would I want to be hopeless in love if being in love is supposed to be one of the greatest things in the world? Yet, if being in love is such a great thing, then how can it be hopeless?

No Summer Lovin’ ….  Still Had Me A Blast

I’ve spent more summers as a single woman than I have in a relationship and it was not only absolutely intentional, but also incredibly successful.

It’s safe to say that everyone has had a depressing ‘why me’ or a single’s pity party of their own at some point in their life, but very few of us really stay in that mode for an extended period of time.

Mr. Clemens-Linder, have you ever spent a summer as a single guy? Are you aware of the endless possibilities of fun, love, laughs, and memories made with others (especially best friends) when you are single?

You can still do all the love-bird things discussed in the article; so why do you have to be ‘hopelessly in love” with that forever person to do it?

However, there is the chance that this article hits home to those who are not comfortable being on their own. I know many people that consistently jump from one relationship to another without any breathing room – a revolving relationship door.

I believe you can find your true love in almost any way; but if you are not comfortable as the individual you are and being your own very best company – how can you expect to be that for someone else?


When I got to college, I knew that I would date, but I had no intentions of finding ‘true love’ or a committed relationship. My goals and visions were set and there was no way that I was going to let a boyfriend be any sort of hindrance – not even a thought in the back of my mind – to where I wanted to go to do what I wanted to achieve.

When I completed both Master degrees and had a full time job, I was more open to the idea of a relationship and maybe even ‘settling down.’ Gosh, those words still give me the chills.

Since then, my three relationships consisted of two that were out of pure convenience – one more stupidity than the other – and one is what I still believe to be a true love at the wrong time.

What’s The Rush?

Many people assume that I’m having a bit of a hard time turning 30 because I’m not engaged or married or have children yet. Heck, alot of guys I meet are even surprised that by ‘my age’ I don’t have any ‘baggage.’


The marriage and baby waves seem to hit every other year in your twenties. It’s never just one person tying the knot or creating a new life, it’s always a handful at a time; but it’s just enough to make you wonder for the nano-second if your time is running out.

And then you come back to reality….. and realize that you are living your life exactly the way you want and you have no regrets because the best is yet to come! (that’s what you all are telling me anyway)

“Expect The Best And Never Settle For Less”

Ah, the wise words of my dear friend Erica Chao aka @mamasmission. I don’t  always like what she has to say, but this one I’ll thank for and agree with her.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that I am perfectly OK with being ALMOST thirty and not have the family and picket fence?

Are you kidding me? I LOVE MY LIFE!!

People recognize that I’m naturally drawn to children and always ask if I want kids of my own. My answer:  I just don’t want kids; I want a family. I want the whole package. I’m not going to settle for any guy just so I can have children and do what’s ‘expected.’

And until then, I have these little munchkins to give me my baby fix!

My Bubbles
Mama’s girls @mamasmission

Would it be fabulous to have all this right now? Maybe. I’m not even sure I’m ready for that. I still like being the master of my own destiny and living life to the fullest. I like being able to do what I want, when I want and with whom I want. So yea, I may be a little too selfish for kids right now – but there’s always room for a partner in crime along the way.

Not Me…

Clemens-Linder’s blog claims that summer is “when life slows down.” Maybe for kids and some teachers out of school, and maybe other occupations that have a slower economic seasons, but to whom else does this refer?

Success does not slow down.

Persistence does not slow down.

Determination does not slow down.

Hope does not slow down.

Love does not slow down.

And I, Tiffany DiPanni, will surely not slow down….

Especially not as a sexy-single-flirty-ALMOST-thirty woman this summer!!!



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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Day 11

While most people clock in for their 9 to 5 daily Monday through Friday job, my time card never gets punched in and out.

Many of my days span an easy 12-14 hours between meetings, office visits and events. The day doesn’t end once the car engine shuts off.

Oh no no – there is still administrative work and planning to do; and this is where you’ll usually find me hibernating at a local Dunkin’ Donuts for a dinner date with my computer.

oh yes we are #myDunkin

So on this particular day, I left my house at 7am headed for a local Chamber networking event knowing that I would not be returning home until well after midnight. It’s just one of those days.

Well this “one of those days” was going to be long and busy indeed, but there was a rainbow (literally) at the end of the road….


YES! I was hosting clients of mine at the Katy Perry concert at where else, but none other than my home-away-from-home:
The BB&T Center.


The Prismatic World Tour concert was my first time at the BB&T Center for an event since the ‘unfortunate internal happenings’ about a month ago.

If you aren’t familiar with my take on the new ownership of the Florida Panthers and the happenings at the BB&T Center, kindly take a moment to check it out. I hope you will have more of an appreciation for my opinions doing so.

Click Here To Read my blog post, ‘Epic Fail of the Florida Panthers’ New Ownership’

Enough said on this caption.


So now that most of the account executive staff has been terminated, it was interesting to see different faces that had badges on indicating they were staff. Many looked to be young and fresh into the professional world, since not one of them acknowledged me or my guests – even a fake smile works, kids!

I must say Kudos to Centerplate for being the only consistency in the building – (who thought the day would come when you’d hear that statement as true). And it was so nice to see the few people who were fortunate to make it through last month’s slaughter; the positive feedback and reinforcement I received in person supporting my original blog post was overwhelming – so, thank you for that.

I made it a point to walk around the arena at several different times during the 4+ hours I was there so that my opinions wouldn’t be limited to a specific surrounding or incident. And it’s an entry to endless amount of content for some of the best people-watching out there.

I made sure to have Katy Perry Prism Vision – not limited!

The ushers and security staff are now hired directly through the building and CSC. Many of the long time staff that have been working there in the last five years I’ve consistently attended events are gone – and I’m pretty sure they haven’t been relocated.

Those that have been fortunate enough to be hired again but relocated are mostly disappointed and unhappy. Staff members that spend their shifts in the same spot all night develop relationships with the people in those areas – such as season ticket holders who are a vital part to any sports team.

Fair question - Do any Panther fans out there think there would be a major demonstration if the old dancing usher who you can usually find around the pretty Ice Dancers isn’t hired back in the new season?

Let’s keep an eye on that.

I.M.H.O. – In.My.Honest.Opinion

Besides the unfamiliar faces, I observed three things that are of concern to me:

First, when you are on the suite level, there is no longer any privacy into the administrative conference room as you walk past the glass double doors.

What once was a solid wall and a mirrored image of a Panther’s red eyes is now floor-to-ceiling glass with a clear view so much that I can even tell which brand of electronic equipment is being used on their pull down projector screen (which also faces towards the public reception area and hallway.)  Areas like these should be kept sensitive and out of sight from any outside attendees and even other staff members.

Second, there seemed to be a lack of staff compared to what there has been in previous events. I don’t have physical numbers to confirm this, but staff was surely scarce. When attendees were searching for someone to assist them, it was very difficult to find someone.

Lastly, when you finally did track someone down, their lack of knowledge was discouraging to many guests. I felt sorry for most of the concert-goers whose spirits were immediately drained by an unfriendly staff member who was not only unable to help them, but couldn’t even offer an alternative.

Recruiting employees with a good work ethic and attitude is difficult; however, with proper training, most companies are able to increase their employee satisfaction and retention. Once that is achieved, the guest experience can be maximized.

The better you are able to do your job, the more you may enjoy it – right?


So, yes, the concert was fabulous.

It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in the past 5 years. Katy Perry is not just an amazing artist, but a true performer. 

Cuz I’m a firework – my colors burn when I show you what I’m worth!

But as much as I would have liked to dress up in a pink wig, butterfly bra and metallic blue heels, I had to be the professional host. I was well dressed – and still in the same heels I’d been in since 7am.

In many ways, the night was mine to shine. It was my time to be the rock star making sure every single guest has the best experience possible. And I tend to think I do that pretty darn well.

I spent time with Katy Perry’s biggest littlest fan and now I have a new fan of my own!

Through two opening acts and intermissions, I entertained, chatted, served and did everything in my power to make my guests smile. The duties of a host at a concert or event can vary, but I find it more so of a pleasure than a duty.

I enjoy what I do, and need to do, in order to create an amazing experience. It brings me joy knowing that others are taken care of and enjoying themselves.

Just like my responsibilities with County Line give me fulfillment every time I step foot into an inner city school and provide appreciation and education to our teachers for their health and wellness.

During those four hours at the show, it was my objective to accomplish all of the above and make it a fabulous night with memories to last a lifetime.

And to that, I say….



2014-07-04 01.06.47



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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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www.CountyLineChiro.comFollow @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Day 12

My mom always told me I would never need more than one hand to count the true friends in my life.

And just when you think you can take on that second hand, something happens to prove that mama was right… again.

20140703_003546 (2)
Is a friend the one bailing you out… or sitting next to you in the back seat of the squad car?
 Let’s Be Friends!

The word “friend” lost its true meaning and depth once the term became popular amongst Facebook users. Ted Rubin has a great blog, “Let’s Take Back The Word, ‘Friend!’” in which he differentiates the meaning of the word online and in life.

But it’s not just limited to Facebook – oh no!

Many times I will catch myself saying, “Just the other day, my friend was telling me about…” When in actuality, the person with whom I was speaking wasn’t a friend, it was just someone that works in an office to which I frequent or maybe even just a stranger at the bar.

It’s amazing how easy that word just rolls off the tongue.

1003174_10152926021430942_394249625_n (2)
Friends for 30 years starting families of our own
 Different Strokes For Different Folks

I believe that we all have a very limited number of friends, and even within that small number, you will only need one hand to count the “true” friends. After that, everyone is just a mere acquaintance, colleague, business partner, or associate.

My BFF, Dave, didn’t ask me where I was going until he dropped me off at the airport. I questioned him as to how he could be taking me but not know where I’m going?

“You’re my best friend. You needed me, I was here. No questions needed.”

THAT right there, is one of the strongest definitions of a true friend that I honor.


I’m a true relationship builder, and have had many relationships with many people in all sorts of capacities through my life.

There have been relationships that lasted just weeks, and some that have lasted years, and a few even a lifetime. Some have drifted but I’m sure will return, as they are never far from my heart.

summer 2009
Friendships from two worlds can come together to make a special bond.

I have my 2 best friends that have been in my life since day one – George and Lizzy.

Georgie & I started kindergarten together 25 years ago
Georgie & I started kindergarten together 25 years ago

George’s parents and mine have always been best of friends and we grew up in each other’s families, vacations and now sharing in weddings, baby showers & baptisms!

20140703_003600 (2)
4th grade field trip

Lizzy and I were in the very same class from Kindergarten until I transferred  in 10th grade, but we still remained best of friends through graduation and most of college.

We were kind of bad asses... so we thought :)
We were kind of bad asses… so we thought :)

Sarah Croce (aka Crotchie) came to our school as a newbie in 9th grade and we immediately clicked. Despite how opposite we were – and the fact that I was making fun of her last name within the first hour in her new school – is just one great story in our forever long book.

My homegirl

Harmony and I met the summer before I went off to college through the great game of tennis – just two young girls beating up on the lil ol’ ladies in the city of Pawtucket’s women summer league. How can you not bond over that?
Side note: My mother was her high school English teacher! Ha! Fate :)

From crazy college kids to having one of our own. Yikes!
From crazy college kids to having one of our own. Yikes!

Christy and I met our very first day on campus as raw freshmen at good ol’ Saint Leo University in 2002. It was love at first coffee – and flask – from that very first orientation activity night. I transferred the following year, but she is still my PIC and I am now Ah-Tee Tif.

He is the Santa to my Claus :)
He is the Santa to my Claus :)

And now I have my best friend since I entered the professional world. David and I met through my work with the Super Bowl in 2009. Our relationship has blossomed into something so very special and when I was  promoted to BFF status – no looking back since.


Yes, I can count. OK, so that’s six….

Yes, you counted correctly.

But mama is always right!

20140307_213405 (2)

While times have changed, these six people have always been my best friends and will always be referred to as such.

However, the reality of the situation is that two of these relationships have years-old wounds still healing and unfortunately with the recent addition of diminishing contact.

But that’s OK.     jTxK4bqTE

Even though all of them won’t be there for me the way I know the others would be, I’d still be there for them – and they know that.

Even though I know they won’t pick up my phone calls at 3am, I would still do that for them – and they know that.

Even though I know there are limits on some friendships, there are none to mine – and they know that.

IMG_20140415_221852 20140703_003634 (2)

Times Change, Friendships Don’t Have To

No matter what happens over one year, five years, or fifteen years – nothing will take these people out of my heart and out of my head.

We spent so much time together in the early phases of our friendships, and then life takes over.

Jobs become more important – so do other relationships, such as lovers. These lovers turn into husbands and wives and eventually full time families with different obligations.

Friends can change their location, they can change their attitudes, and they can change their view on the world.; But one thing they can not change is an incredible history they have written together in the book of their lives that still has many chapters to fill.


So to you friends I have identified here, I love you and am so blessed and grateful for you in my life, now and for all the years to come.

To those who are in my life currently as ‘friends’ that may or may not stick around long, yet bring value and blessings to my life  - I thank you for the good times… and the bad.

And to those in my life who have proven to be  good ‘friends’ and those with whom I am starting to build new relationships and memories – I look forward to many many more.



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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Days 13 & 14

Well check that one off the list – only two more weekends in my twenties. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, right? Ha! Let’s be real – most times you have to give a heck of a lot just to get a little. But most of the times it is worth it, and you would do it over again in a heartbeat! I have busted my butt in school and work most of the past decade, and I have some great accomplishments to show for that. I am proud of my hard work and where it has taken me, but I’ve managed to have some fun along the way. But looking back at this past weekend, it showed me another lesson learned over the past ten years. It’s a slow process, and sometimes not even so sure, but it was there:



You control your surroundings when you are with good people – and that’s exactly who I choose with whom to surround myself.
 Define A Weekend

Most people work their 40 hours, (give or take) Monday through Friday, and then enjoy 48 hours to themselves in whichever manner they please on the weekends. Many people spend their time with family or get certain things accomplished around the house, yard or some other hobby. Others may spend their weekends at the beach, fishing, mountain biking or some other activity. Then you have the people (such as myself) who have to split that time with both work and play. And even though the time is split, the priority will always be the work. MondayThruFriday

 What’s Your Mixer?

During one of the last weekends in my twenties, I managed to be productive both at home and for my job with County Line – and I also had some of the most enjoyable times with great friends. Considering the lack of housework that was done last week while my family was here, I was able to catch up and get all my laundry and other responsibilities done. And then I enjoyed a fantastic night just  like any other careless twenty something year old would do – the Fort Lauderdale Bar Crawl. While it really is just one big drinking celebration for $20, it does have some great marketing value behind it and was a nice way to check out places we hadn’t been to in a while – and a couple new ones! Out of the ten establishments on the crawl, most of our time was spent at the best spot of them all:  The Bull Market - Check them out here…. The Bull Market - @BullMarketFL

The Bull Market – @BullMarketFL

If you haven’t been to this new spot, you are definitely missing out. Not only is the concept brilliant and the energy is a blast, the food is fantastic and the drink selection is endless. Go in and say hi to Johnny. I promise you won’t be disappointed! But all in all, let’s be real – it was a damn good night!

20140628_233122 (2)
Next Day

Sunday morning came early and I was still only half way through my Dunkin Donuts ice coffee when I arrived at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Social Media Day Miami. My friend Erica (@MamasMission) knows me well enough to be waiting for me at the coffee truck they had on site. You can read about my hard hurting increased recovery time from Day 15 post here.  For the next six hours I would be TifDiP, the “CMO of County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers here in South Florida – if you don’t know where we are, then I’m not doing my job! But come on in any time for a check up on me!” Yes, that’s how I introduce myself in my bubbly spirit once in… a lot.

Typical @TifDiP driving with #myDunkin freaking out @MamasMission just a bit! Ha! #SMDayMIA

That’s the marketing side of Tiffany DiPanni. For the next six hours at #SMDayMia, @TifDiP is a professional woman developing a personal brand as the CMO of @CountyLineChiro - bringing awareness and promoting her passion for chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle. When 5 o’clock came, TifDiP’s social world entered a different type of work-mode and  headed towards the Peace Evangelical Baptist Church in North Miami. I spent the next couple hours with my fabulous team from County Line as a part of the Church’s health awareness day.

Post by County Line Chiropractic South Florida… See More Pictures Here..

Members of our staff spent time with the parishioners showing them proper posture while standing, sitting and sleeping. The doctor answered many questions regarding nutrition and sleeping habits, while the therapist was providing examples of simple exercises. For these few hours I am proud to be a part of this team more than anything.

County Line in the community @CountyLineChiro

Because this the kind of example I want to set in the community for other businesses to follow. I represent one of the finest medical centers in South Florida – if not, all of Florida – and I am proud of what we do not only in our offices, but sometimes even more so what happens outside. I have been a patient of County Line far longer than I have been an employee of the company. I believe in what our doctors do and I am proud of how our company is involved at the grass roots level to spread the word and bring the experience of not only chiropractic, but a healthy lifestyle, to our local communities.

It is possible.
It is possible.

So I guess I can’t feel too bad about “slowing down” as I’m getting older. I’m still doing the same things and having the same fun. From now, I’ll just focus more on doing everything in moderation so that I can focus on one thing at a time. Savor the moment. Live in the present. Enjoy the now.

(…. And whatever else I have to tell myself to get over it.)
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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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www.CountyLineChiro.comFollow @CountyLineChiro


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The Final 20 of My 20s: Day 15

As a young child, I looked forward to Friday nights with pizza with my family, renting a movie (or two) and maybe even a sleepover with a friend.

As a teenager, I looked forward to Friday nights out and about with my friends wherever we may be hanging out and possibly stirring up trouble that night.

In college, Friday night shenanigans started as soon as we were done with classes or work – even if it was still in the morning.

Now in my late 20s, Friday night seems to be the light at the end of what can sometimes seem to be a very dark – and long – tunnel.

This is life. Live it.
Beginning To End

Earlier this week I focused on what is usually a dreaded start to a new week, and now I’ve turned to its much anticipated end.

It seems to be just as obvious why most people celebrate Friday. Traditionally, the following two days are supposed to be spent with leisure and free-mind; it’s a wonderful hiatus called the weekend.

Society as a whole has even shown its appreciation to Friday with the commonly used term, TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday.

20140208_000934-1 - Copy (4)
Friday night fun
Friday Night Where?

My Friday nights were usually planned out and marked on the calendar by the previous Saturday – if not sooner.  There was always something to do on Friday night.

Stay home? Yea right. That’s funny.

Organize my bathroom vanities, hair & make up drawers? You have got to be kidding me.

Make plans to go out with friends all night? Absolutely.

A typical Friday girls night out
Where? When? How?

I’m not sure when it started, how it happened, or even why; but what I do know is I feel darn old now that I’ve taken the time to realize that I might be slowing down.

But is that really what it is? Or is this part of the natural progression in the ‘aging’ process?


a mirror
“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” -Betty Friedan

Am I maturing? Yes.

Making better decisions? Yes.

Still can party with the best of them? You bet your bottom dollar.

But ohhhhhhh the recovery! Has anyone noticed a recent increase in a typical Friday night’s recovery time? Holy headache over a dragged out following day. Ouch!

Not an abnormal scene in my 20s…
The Switch Up 

It’s funny when you think how most Friday nights revolved around what establishment we would start at, where we would probably end up and who even knows what would happen in between.

Now sometimes by Wednesday evening of a long week I already know that my Friday night will consist mainly of my dear friend Mr. Malbec, a solid chick flick or maybe a Skype session with an old friend, with the inevitable pre-midnight crash.

Even without leaning towards one extreme or the other, the importance of making Friday night the all out blast that it was for so many years in my early twenties has diminished immensely.

And I’m OK with that.

Perfect combo
Perfect combo
 Looking Back

I found my year book from high school when I was home in RI recently, and my quote from senior year read:

“Life is just one big party.”

I think it’s fair to say that’s a reasonable statement as to how I lived mine for many years. And I don’t regret one day nor one decision. The party favors may not have been always the best, but you accept them graciously and keep on keeping on.

It’s hard sometimes, but I still try to get myself back into that 18 year old mind that was just waiting to bust out into an open world with endless possibilities.

47272_539144763120_5784198_n (2)
Keep dancing
The party is not over just yet, my friends.

In fact, it’s a new and exciting chapter in my world that’s about to begin.

This girl is going to keep dancing until there is no music to be played.

Won’t you join me?




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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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The Final 20 of My 20s: Days 16 & 17

While I have dreaded most of the final days in my twenties, there have been two days that I’ve looked forward to for almost two decades.

I grew up knowing we had family in Italy, and I had even met my cousin Cesare and his family during a school trip I made to the country in 1999.

Yet the one person whom I never met was the one person to whom I was most drawn.

Mia cugina, Ilaria Della Corte
Before There Was Internet…

Yes, that’s how I started a story last night.

Such statements are not particularly helping to ease my journey down the final stretch, considering up til this point, I wasn’t overwhelmed with any real ‘I’m getting old’ moments.

So yes, before there was internet, I wrote letters to my cousin in Italy. On major holidays, we would get calling cards to phone overseas but weren’t always successful with such digital sophistication in the 90s.

Once both countries broke into the 21st century, my cousin and I were able to communicate through email for several years. In just a few years, we went from an unpredictable delay between emails to an immediate connection of our worlds through Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp.

La bella mia
Do I Know You?

After 15 years of communicating across 5,000 miles, the wait was finally over.  Ilaria and her new husband, Antonio, would be  spending two days of their honeymoon just a few miles down A1A in South Beach, Miami.

I’ve always been the social type – (if you’ve ever met me, it’s kind of hard to deny.)

I’ve had many connections and relationships throughout my life with many people from all over the world; some lasted for just two weeks at summer camp, some saw me through four years of college, and some have lasted a lifetime.

Still, I have never felt such an overwhelming connection with someone in just a matter of seconds than I did the first time I hugged my cousin, Ilaria. It was an unreal feeling to be able to physically see, hear and touch mia cugina who always felt so near despite the vast ocean in between.

20140624_213024 (2)
Salute alla famiglia!
 Genetics Don’t Lie

It didn’t take long for me to realize how much this beautiful woman sitting next to me was in fact, a true DiPanni.

I have three half-sisters  whom also bear strong DiPanni characteristics and whose resemblance to Ilaria is almost freaky.

My sisters Lesley (L) and Carolyn  (R) in their respective years

She has the DiPanni curls – dark and soft.

She has the DiPanni hands – distinctively long and slender

She has the DiPanni smile – the high cheeks and hidden upper lip

Cousins together at last

But most important, she has the DiPanni attitude.

She is a strong woman who is confident in her beliefs and the direction she chooses. Her intelligence is an outstanding compliment to her physical beauty, and no one can stop her on the path she will follow. Still, she is as soft as she is strong, with an enormous heart and warm sense of generosity and kindness to all.

I am proud to say she is mia famiglia.

 Never ‘Goodbye’

I’m a true sucker when it comes to parting ways with loved ones, but this was especially hard on the heart.

I had spent just a total of several hours with my cousin and her new husband; and after years of patiently waiting for these days to come, I was not ready to see them go. What had been just a couple evenings together meant a lifetime to me.

Through the sadness of our farewell, I saw the blessing of a family’s love that many people are not so fortunate to experience. I am so very lucky and extremely grateful to have spent this time with my family.

IMG_3130 (2)
Il Molto Saggio

A wise man once told me,

‘It’s never goodbye; always I’ll see you later.’

There is something too definite with the ‘G’ word that is unappealing to me. It signifies a firm ending which is usually unwelcomed.

Life is too short to spend time with those whom you would not want to see later, so don’t make it so certain.

La bella mia



We have many more stories to share and memories to make, my Bella.

And I am very certain that we will see each other soon.






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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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