The Final 20 of My 20s: Days 13 & 14

Well check that one off the list – only two more weekends in my twenties. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, right? Ha! Let’s be real – most times you have to give a heck of a lot just to get a little. But most of the times it is worth it, and you would do it over again in a heartbeat! I have busted my butt in school and work most of the past decade, and I have some great accomplishments to show for that. I am proud of my hard work and where it has taken me, but I’ve managed to have some fun along the way. But looking back at this past weekend, it showed me another lesson learned over the past ten years. It’s a slow process, and sometimes not even so sure, but it was there:



You control your surroundings when you are with good people – and that’s exactly who I choose with whom to surround myself.
 Define A Weekend

Most people work their 40 hours, (give or take) Monday through Friday, and then enjoy 48 hours to themselves in whichever manner they please on the weekends. Many people spend their time with family or get certain things accomplished around the house, yard or some other hobby. Others may spend their weekends at the beach, fishing, mountain biking or some other activity. Then you have the people (such as myself) who have to split that time with both work and play. And even though the time is split, the priority will always be the work. MondayThruFriday

 What’s Your Mixer?

During one of the last weekends in my twenties, I managed to be productive both at home and for my job with County Line – and I also had some of the most enjoyable times with great friends. Considering the lack of housework that was done last week while my family was here, I was able to catch up and get all my laundry and other responsibilities done. And then I enjoyed a fantastic night just  like any other careless twenty something year old would do – the Fort Lauderdale Bar Crawl. While it really is just one big drinking celebration for $20, it does have some great marketing value behind it and was a nice way to check out places we hadn’t been to in a while – and a couple new ones! Out of the ten establishments on the crawl, most of our time was spent at the best spot of them all:  The Bull Market - Check them out here…. The Bull Market - @BullMarketFL

The Bull Market – @BullMarketFL

If you haven’t been to this new spot, you are definitely missing out. Not only is the concept brilliant and the energy is a blast, the food is fantastic and the drink selection is endless. Go in and say hi to Johnny. I promise you won’t be disappointed! But all in all, let’s be real – it was a damn good night!

20140628_233122 (2)
Next Day

Sunday morning came early and I was still only half way through my Dunkin Donuts ice coffee when I arrived at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Social Media Day Miami. My friend Erica (@MamasMission) knows me well enough to be waiting for me at the coffee truck they had on site. You can read about my hard hurting increased recovery time from Day 15 post here.  For the next six hours I would be TifDiP, the “CMO of County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers here in South Florida – if you don’t know where we are, then I’m not doing my job! But come on in any time for a check up on me!” Yes, that’s how I introduce myself in my bubbly spirit once in… a lot.

Typical @TifDiP driving with #myDunkin freaking out @MamasMission just a bit! Ha! #SMDayMIA

That’s the marketing side of Tiffany DiPanni. For the next six hours at #SMDayMia, @TifDiP is a professional woman developing a personal brand as the CMO of @CountyLineChiro - bringing awareness and promoting her passion for chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle. When 5 o’clock came, TifDiP’s social world entered a different type of work-mode and  headed towards the Peace Evangelical Baptist Church in North Miami. I spent the next couple hours with my fabulous team from County Line as a part of the Church’s health awareness day.

Post by County Line Chiropractic South Florida… See More Pictures Here..

Members of our staff spent time with the parishioners showing them proper posture while standing, sitting and sleeping. The doctor answered many questions regarding nutrition and sleeping habits, while the therapist was providing examples of simple exercises. For these few hours I am proud to be a part of this team more than anything.

County Line in the community @CountyLineChiro

Because this the kind of example I want to set in the community for other businesses to follow. I represent one of the finest medical centers in South Florida – if not, all of Florida – and I am proud of what we do not only in our offices, but sometimes even more so what happens outside. I have been a patient of County Line far longer than I have been an employee of the company. I believe in what our doctors do and I am proud of how our company is involved at the grass roots level to spread the word and bring the experience of not only chiropractic, but a healthy lifestyle, to our local communities.

It is possible.
It is possible.

So I guess I can’t feel too bad about “slowing down” as I’m getting older. I’m still doing the same things and having the same fun. From now, I’ll just focus more on doing everything in moderation so that I can focus on one thing at a time. Savor the moment. Live in the present. Enjoy the now.

(…. And whatever else I have to tell myself to get over it.)
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 Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.

Tiffany E. DiPanni is the Chief Marketing Officer for County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers in South Florida, USA.         @CountyLineChiro
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